What Are Subscriptions in an SMM Panel?

Subscriptions, or subscription services, have gained immense popularity and are a well-established business model. This concept can be applied to a wide array of offerings, including SMM (Social Media Marketing) panels. Subscriptions in the context of SMM panels have been utilized by many, but what exactly are they and why are they so valuable? Read on to learn more about subscriptions and the compelling reasons why this feature is highly beneficial.

Subscriptions, in the realm of SMM panels, are automated services like Automatic Likes, Automatic Comments, Automatic Views, and more, available across social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. SMM panel users have the option to place a single order that will function continuously without the need for repeated intervention over the desired timeframe. Moreover, subscriptions in SMM panels can be boundless, eliminating concerns about subscription expiration.

The primary purpose of subscriptions is to help individuals simulate organic engagement on their social media accounts. By utilizing this feature, users can create the illusion of heightened engagement as each new post automatically garners a set number of views, comments, or likes.

How Does the Subscriptions Feature Work in SMM Panels?

Each time a new post is detected in an account to which the panel user has provided a link or username, the system automatically identifies it and sends an order for the next batch of ordered items (like likes, comments, views, etc.) to the service provider.

Furthermore, if a user has placed a new subscription order and there are already new posts in the selected account, the system calculates these posts immediately upon the activation of the subscription.

How to Place a Subscriptions Order?

Ordering subscription services in an SMM panel is straightforward, but ensure that the SMM panel you're using supports the subscriptions feature. One example of an SMM panel supporting subscriptions is DjuraganSosmed.

Here's how to place a subscription service order:

1. Select the automated service you desire.

2. Enter the link or username of your choice.

3. Specify the number of new posts and the quantity of likes, comments, views, or other services required for each of these posts.

4. Input the minimum and maximum values for likes, comments, views, or other services (the system will use random figures within this range).

5. Set the 'Delay' or waiting time for the system after each new post appears (optional).

6. Establish the date.